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Get your laughs in with an amazing collection of prank sounds for any joke imaginable!

Tricksters and jokers will love these authentic sound effects that include many shocking and annoying sounds to be used in harmless pranks. Trick someone into answering the door with knocking or doorbell sounds. Or shock them with the sound of a car crash, or loud thunder cracking. How about a police siren or car horn honking at just the precise moment someone is trying to do something sneaky? Or the telltale rattle of a venomous rattlesnake while hiking in the desert?

If your game is more annoyance than shock value, we've got sounds for that too! From fart sound to the incessant buzz of a mosquito in your ear, these sounds are a perfect annoyance. Don't forget that tiny little chirp of the smoke detector low battery alarm that could easily drive anyone crazy! Keep these surprising and bothersome sound effects on hand to be ready for a trick at any moment!

Don't let life get too serious! Keep it funny with fun prank sounds that allow you to play out your best harmless practical jokes on your unsuspecting friends and family!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Prank Sounds.


Developer: DailyDigiTech

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