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Prank Recorder

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Play this online game named Prank Recorder.

Record a sound and setup a timer for it to play back the recording at a specified time with the option for it to repeat at the same interval.

There are literally thousands of variations and situations in which you could use this application.

Examples of uses:
Record a whisper of someones name. Set the timer for a couple of minutes then hide your phone somewhere in a room near the person and laugh hysterically as they try to figure out who is calling them.

Record a loud shriek, set the timer for 15 minutes and place your phone by your spouses/roommates/parents night stand as they are going to sleep. Right as they doze off the sound plays scaring them out of their sleep.

1. Start the Prank Recorder application
2. Click the "Record button"
3. Your default sound recorder will open, record your sound
and save it to your SD Card. You will be returned to the
Prank Recorder application upon saving
4.Input the amount of minutes and seconds you would like to
delay before the sound plays back.
5. Toggle on repeat if you want the sound to repeat which
follows the same minute and second interval you inputted.
6. Click the "Start" button to start the timer.
7. Once the timer is started you can return to your home
screen, hiding the application, as the alarm and play
back will happen in the background.
8. To turn off the alarm just start the Prank Recorder
application and click the "Stop" Button.


VER 1.2
Modified the display to support multiple resolution screens.
VER 1.3
Minor bug fix.
VER 1.4
Optimized display.
Corrected Keyboard stretching the layout.
VER 1.5
Added Google Analytics Integration - Anonymous tracking of application activity.
VER 1.6
Minor graphical layout changes



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