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Language Learning Potential varies with age, geography and other factors. Our method considers all for each individual and tune it accordingly.
1. One Mentor One Student
One Mentor is dedicated for you. You will get 100 % attention of the trainer unlike usual spoken English class.
2. Anytime Anywhere
No need to rush for a busy classroom. You will have the flexibility to choose your convenient time and learn from your home.
3. Tailored For You
Not a generic Spoken English Course. You will be trained completely based on your need, strength and weakness.

How It Works ?

Step 1 . Well talk to you, understand your needs and design a course just for you
Step 2 . Our mentor will talk to you everyday for 20 mins, correct and improve your English.
Step 3 . Our AI technology will analyze the recording, track you progress & tune your course.

Our Vision & Mission

English is one of the mostly used languages in the world. The knowledge of English is crucial in todays global world .
Speaking English allows you to actually broaden your world, from job opportunities to the ability to relate to people from every country .Many employers and employment places demand the understanding and ability to communicate in the English language at least for multinational transactions. You have access to jobs that you could not even take into consideration, you can evaluate an international career . The technology world is English-based for a big part. It is critical to learn English if you dont want to miss out.

Our Vision & Mission is to develop an effective way of English Learning using Artificial Intelligence.

Our Method

English Phobia It primarily means phobia of not being able to speak English confidently in front of others or the fear of being misjudged by others for their English ability. The person suffering from such a phobia underestimates his/her ability as an English speaker. Many people go through this fear and anxiety ,so whenever they face others, they get anxious and start trembling with fear.

Our goal is to help you get rid of this phobia. So our your personal mentor will talk to you daily in English over phone and guide you step by step till the time you are confident. Our mentor will discuss various topics with you and help you speak without any fear or judgment. Well also record the entire conversation and scientifically analyze the area of improvement and guide you accordingly.

The Practee Promise

- Youll improve your self-confidence
- You can express your thoughts in English
- You will be heard in a discussion
- You will start dreaming high

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Practee.


Developer: Practee Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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