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Pocket Rules - Cluedo (Clue) play online

Free play online Pocket Rules - Cluedo (Clue) APK

Pocket Rules

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Play this online game named Pocket Rules - Cluedo (Clue).

** Please note that this is not a game **

Pocket rules is the ultimate lightweight reference to your favourite board game rules!

Ever had a disagreement about a friends idea about the official Cluedo rules? Are you part way through a game when you suddenly forget what is supposed to happen next? Well now you can quickly reference the official Cluedo rules at any time!

Sometime many of use misplace our copy of the official rule book for our board games. Over the years they can also become unreadable. From time to time however we can forget the actual rules for making suggestions, accusations and how to actually win the game. This app will ensure you will always catch you killer!

Pocket Rules - Cluedo (Clue) is the best reference for any cunning detective! The rules stated in this app are for the Classic version of Cluedo however most versions follow the same general outline.

If you feel some of the rules contained in this rule book are wrong please let me know. Feel free to email me with any issues, suggestions or concerns and remember to rate!

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