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Photo Quiz - Guess the Picture: General Game play online

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Photo Quiz

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Photo Quiz - Guess the Picture: General Game.

Photo quiz - guess the picture interesting general game , such a photo test contains logic questions , you need to answer what is shown.
Photo Quiz is for everyone.

Want to develop mindfulness, vocabulary, visual memory? Photo test will help to improve the listed qualities.

Download the application, guess the images , unlock the levels, see the answers in the results of the passed test. This general game is for all ages.
The essence of the lesson is to pass sublevels, earn points, move forward.

Photo Quiz includes:
- complicated topics.
- Beautiful, vibrant photos .
- many different topics:
Food - guess the picture in the selection - fruits and vegetables, berries and nuts.
Animals - popular animals, birds, mammals.
House - do you define the elements of your home well? Let's check.
Food 2 - exotic dishes, rare seasonings.
Geography - flags , coats of arms, famous monuments.
Nature - lakes, flowers, trees and shrubs.
Equipment and transport - cars, motorcycles, and others.
Tools and equipment - guess the picture of a musical and home appliance.

- We open a category from available and we begin to move.
- Time is a big limitation, you cant tighten it, at the end of 30 seconds the task will be considered missed.
- Coins are the currency that can be mined with the right decisions, they are required to open the stage.
- Statistics after each test opens a page in it, the photo test displays in a list.
- Lives are taken for the wrong move, only 5 attempts.

Interested in general game , love puzzles ?
Tell your friends about your success, there is a function to share in the result window, you can always send a record to your comrades through the button, play as a company, a similar brain struggle will show which erudition anyone has.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Photo Quiz - Guess the Picture: General Game.



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