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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Pesten.

Pesten is the party drinking game where happiness and a good liver are crucial for the evening. So if you don't tolerate a lot of alcohol, you'd better not try it at all.

The gameplay is as follows:
The dice are rolled in a circle until the first player rolls a 3, as soon as this has happened the plague is clear and a round begins.

A player must roll the dice until the number combination does not trigger an event, e.g. a 2 and a 6.

There are many other events such as in a 7, where all players have to touch each other, the last one to do this must drink.

The round ends as soon as it is the turn of the plague rolled at the beginning of the round.

For each round & per completed match you will receive gold coins with which you can e.g. You can buy skins for your dice.

In the end we want to warn you again about excessive alcohol consumption and ask you to pay attention to your limits, since the "Pest" app does not assume any responsibility for your consumption.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Pesten.


Developer: Davidowiz

Recent changes: - Dice prices were adjusted.
- Dices gets now sorted by their value.

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