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Parkour maps for minecraft pe

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Have you always wanted to find cool maps with which you make your game cool? Do you like it when a variety of parkour maps for minecraft pe. And other maps for mcpe are added to your game? Do you want to make the game very diverse with a huge number of interesting mini-games? Excellent! Now you can make your dream come true and have a great time with friends on parkour minecraft maps mcpe. Come to our account and you can get the coolest and most unique mod for minecraft parkour!

Why do you need to add parkour for minecraft 400 levels to the game?
Every player knows that in the cubic world there are a huge number of biomes to explore. But all this can quickly get boring if you are only engaged in the extraction of resources without interruption. Long mining days are very tiring and players start looking for mini-games that would help players have fun. One of these mini-games is parkour map for minecraft pocket edition. We invite you to play parkour for minecraft maps that you will find on our account and have a great time with your friends. Here you will find several interesting parkour maps for mcpe at once, which you can try to pass. All parkour for mcpe are great for multiplayer game mode, so you can call your friends to join your game. Now you can compete with your friends in parkour minecraft and get the title of a real pro. Will you be able to cope with all the difficulties that our parkour map for mcpe will offer you?

So how to play parkour in minecraft?
If you always wanted to test your strength on the newest mcpe parkour levels, now you can definitely do it. Absolutely new levels will be added to the game, which you definitely have not yet passed. In general, minecraft parkour maps are such mini-games where you have to jump over various blocks. It can be not only blocks, but also various pressure plates, etc. The main task of each player is to pass each level of parkour maps in minecraft from start to finish and not die. This is not as easy to do as it might seem. After all, each level of the parkour for minecraft mcpe has a variety of obstacles that you can never prepare for in advance. Such obstacles can be mobs, tnt blocks, brittle blocks or sand, etc. Jump over all the blocks in the level and you can move on to the new parkour mod for mcpe. You will definitely enjoy each level and there will be no time to be sad. Especially if you play with your friends in multiplayer mode to find out which one of you is the best in parkour mods for mcpe. Hurry up and start the game and face all the difficulties of parkour addon mini games!

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial addon app for the game. The apps on this account are not affiliated with Mojang AB, nor are they endorsed by the brand owner. The name, brand, assets are the property of the owner Mojang AB. All rights reserved by the guideline

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Parkour maps for minecraft pe.


Developer: WAStickerApps collection

Recent changes: In new app version parkour for minecraft, we have updated all the addons. Now you can add even more cool maps for minecraft! All addons work, because we personally tested them!

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