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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Ophir StarViewer.

Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a laser Power / Energy meter
Display, and Screen Capture, measurements as either a line graph, a simulated analog needle, or a full screen numeric display with statistics
Laser measurement settings fully configurable
Great for field technicians that make service calls

StarViewer is an intuitive easy-to-learn application. Just install it, connect to your Ophir device, and get started immediately.
Brings laser power and energy measurement to your Smartphone / Tablet via the Ariel, Juno & Quasar devices from Ophir Photonics.

StarViewer can be used with Ophir standard Thermopile, Photodiode, or Pyroelectric sensors. Measurement settings are fully configurable.

StarViewer can connect via Bluetooth with the Ariel and Quasar devices. and with the Juno via your device's USB on-the-go (OTG) port.

Requirements per device:

For use with the Ariel:
Bluetooth: Minimum version 4.0 required, 5.1 recommended
Ariel firmware version 1.23 or higher.
Note: StarViewer supports and leverages Ariels measurement capabilities to display either Continuous Power, Single Pulse Energy, or Pulsed Power, together with the measured Pulse width, battery level and device temperature.

For use with the Juno:
Smartphone / Tablet with an OTG port, capable of providing 100mA or more downstream current.
Micro or C-type USB to Type A Female Adapter (between the Android device OTG port and the Juno cable)
Juno firmware version 1.39 or higher

For use with the Quasar:
Bluetooth capability
PIN code for Bluetooth pairing is 1234
Quasar firmware version 1.25 or higher
Note: StarViewer does not support measurement with Pyroelectric sensors with the Quasar.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Ophir StarViewer.


Developer: Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd

Recent changes: • Additional support for the Ariel, including import logfile from Ariel, smoother changes to displayed numerical measurements, and improved communication
• Added feature of Logging measurements to a local file on the Android device
• Battery Icon for the Quasar added

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