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Ready to live as an original gangster in the old West? OG WEST is waiting for a gangster like you! Explore the crazy West that is full of gang wars, theft, gold, shooting, and other absolutely fun and completely wild stuff. You will be the law here!

-World Wide War
Fight other gangs across the West, and lead your gang to be the strongest one! Enjoy the strategic gameplay, know your enemies and yourself, and choose and train appropriate troops for your war plan!

-Build Your Town
Farm, trade, and fight. Gather resources with strategy. Develop your gang and build up your town!

-Hero System
Recruit epic heroes and give them different jobs to help you develop your gang. Their secret stories will appeal to you. DATING with hero is available! Enjoy the crazy West!

- Hidden Mini Game
There are some interesting mini games hidden in the main game. Find them and achieve victory to win extra rewards. Go look for them!

Story Background:
In this game, you will act as the boss of Melgarejo gang. In the American West of the late 19th century, the light of civilization was about to be shed on the barbarian land. The tension between the police and the gangs was increasing, and the relations between different gangs were complex. Each gang had its own idea.
In a deal one day, Melgarejo gang was ambushed by the police. It must have been Sean RedMond gang that tipped them off. They betrayed the rules between the gangs. For the moment, the only option left for you is to lead the reliable members and leave this dangerous place to stay away from the troubles. Then you must rebuild your gang and revenge your fallen brothers.

If Sean RedMonds men keep chasing us, we will have no choice but to fight them to death!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game OG West.


Developer: Blue Ultra Game Limited

Genre: Strategy

App version: 1.300.321

App size: Varies with device

Recent changes: [Optimization] Fixed some bugs
[Optimization] Babe can advance normally
[Optimization] Now the leaders can manage the gang normally


I played for awhile. It is identical to Last Shelter Survival, except with an old west theme. My problem with it is there were not enough new players being brought into the game, and there were only a few states to choose from. We were pretty much left with one big alliance in our state and no competition because there was no new blood coming in. The game got stale for me and I ended up uninstalling.

`They say they fixed crashes but they did not. I can't even get 2 minutes of game play. I have restarted this game 15 times and I am DONE! It crashes even when I tried to complain about it. I will wait for a reply here before I throw this app out. Update soon!!! Too late, closes as soon as it opens! GOT RID OF IT! JUNK. And don't tell me it's my tablet because it's not. I play "ARMY MEN STRIKE" and I have NO ISSUES. FIX THE GAME.`,

The game reaches an obvious point where you need to throw down some $$$ to continue to be competitive. That is fine. I do not mind the P2W aspect a bit. However the inability to solve simple issues such as not being able to donate to my alliance I find unacceptable. If you are going to throw money into a game, do yourself a favor and throw it into a game who's developers have a clue as to what they are doing.

The game is fun, It is a pay to play game it's not free. In or to have certain buildings you must purchase them. When you make purchase of Gold hero's packs you chance of getting A Gold is 2%, purple 33% and others is 65%. Well I have yet to get a S1 or Gold hero from purchase. Customer service has already been reprimanded from Google and removed from Play store, once. If it was for the Devs it would be a great game.

Well I was a 5 star review, until the 12/12/19 update. No longer able to get into the game. Profile fails to load. I am one of the many who spent money on the game and now unable to work on events I have paid to play as cant login. In game support rarely gets any response. Email about current issue has gone unanswered. Couple days is enough for me to move on to the next game in play store.'

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