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Notepad Vault

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Notepad Vault - Hide all Files.

Want to hide some secret files on your phone? Use the Notepad Vault app.

Notepad Vault looks like a usual notepad, but it has a vault that opens with a password. So here, you can hide your secret files like photos, videos, audios, and documents.

This app also has an app locker so you can protect your multiple mobile apps using it.

Steps to hide files in the vault:
- Click on the green button.
- Write a four-digit password and click on Done.
- Confirm your password.
- Select a security question and write its answer.
- From Photos, Videos, Audio, and Documents select any one option.
- Click on the plus icon.
- Select the files that you want to hide.
- Click on Hide.
- Now, your files will get successfully imported in the vault.

Here you can share or delete your hidden files. If you want, you can also unhide your hidden files.

Steps to use app locker:
- From the menu, click on the App locker option.
- Select the apps on which you want to apply the app lock.
- Click on the Save button.
- Create a new pin for the app locker.
- Now, the app lock will get implemented successfully on your selected apps.

Here any time you can add or remove the app lock from your apps. From settings, you can change your app lock password, and instead of a pin, you can also use a pattern.

Install this vault on your phone and keep your private files hidden.

Accessibility Service Permission used to show lock screen on top of other apps
that have lock screen enable(when you launch app), and uses accessibility Event Types (TYPE_WINDOW_STATE_CHANGED) to retrieve the current application package for Apply Lock App Feature as per the selected by user

Here QUERY_ALL_PACKAGE Permission used to list out all apps.
Enable/disable lock for particular apps.

MANAGE all file permission used to list out your docs/files/photos/videos and select from list & hide them.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Notepad Vault - Hide all Files.


Developer: IMP Tools

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