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Ninja Ultimate Fighters War

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Play this online game named Ninja Ultimate Fighters War.

Naruto fans Welcome to the ultimate ninja battle. Where the legendary super ninja hero face the most powerfull fighters.

He is back again. More powerfull and with a new transformations.

After saving the earth by defeating the dragon evil, our ninja warrior face a new greet challenge.

This time all the universe is in danger. Even the most strong ninja fighters can’t handle it.

Your mission is to help the ninja warrior to achieve her las transformation and surpass the power of the ultimate evil.

Welcome to the best ninja war fighting game. Mad by Naruto big fans to Naruto fans.

This is the perfect app to pass your time and will never let you get bored. Moreover there are lots of challenges that come during the fighting gameplay.

As you unlock items, you gain much more power to use special attacks like the jutsu, the Rasengan or the Susanoo.

The game begin with hero similar to Naruto and as you surpass more levels you can unlock more powerfull ninja warriors like Sasuke Uchiha. Nagato. Kakashi Hatake. Itachi Uchiha. Kurama. Sakura Haruno.

As soon as you earn more credit you can use theme to buy more power for your ninja hero.

For exemple buy more aura for Jinchūriki transformations.

• A lot of challenges and stages
• Unique Graphic Style and UI
• Many challenges
• Cool Effect with super skills

Enjoy playing this game, and don't forget to rate us and give us your opinion about this game to make it more fine for all Naruto fans.


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