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**Build Your Front with Six Types of Warships**

You can take command of all six distinctive types of warships: Destroyers, Light Cruisers, Armoured Cruisers, Battleships, Submarines, and Aircraft Carriers. Hundreds of famous World War II ships are summoned back to the battlefield: The Bismarck, Yamato, and Iowa, and many more are at your command. Create your own fleet and experience the history-making sea battles of World War II.

**A Powerful 3D Engine to Represent Real Warfare**

Built with the mighty Unity3D game engine, Navy Command has a vivid visual display that accurately depicts battle damage. The totally 3D environment creates a truly immersive experience.

**Go into Battle with Famous Historical Commanders**

Some of the most famous or infamous World War II figures, including Louis Mountbatten, Chester W. Nimitz, and Karl Dönitz, are back as your allies. You can play as a commander and lead your fleet to battle and glory. Working together with the attributes of your ships, a commander's skills can fundamentally affect a battle's outcome!

**Use Strategies to Change the Battle Outcome**

Using 191,800 different strategies, you can use your creativity and cunning to destroy your opponents. When you get stuck on a certain level, you can change your formation to override your enemy's and turn the tides on them!

**Combine Warship and Officer Advancement Together to Build the Strongest Fleet**

When you upgrade your warships, you can also train your officers as well. In this World War, well-trained officers and strong ships are both vital in Naval Battles!

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