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My Store is an application that will help digitize a store for managing, and accounting.

Some of mini store owners are always trying hard to compute all their revenues and end up being wrong.

The features of this application are developed to be of help for small businesses to follow. The features are the following:

1. Dashboard - In this feature, users will be able to see their current sales, expenses and revenue for the whole day. It updates whenever they create a sale, or make an expenses.

2. Products - This feature allows users to add specific products as well as how much does it cost in your store. The products can be ordered, restocked, and decreased (for Expiration purposes)

3. Restock - This features allows the user to restock the products inside the inventory that can be added for orders.

4. Make Orders - This feature allows the users to create orders for multiple products. In this feature, it also makes the application calculate how much will it cost.

5. Payment Calculation - This feature allows the users to calculate how much does the order cost and what is the change after the payment is given.

6. Accounting - This feature allows users to see the accounts in the range of date they select.

7. Viewing of Individual Accounts - This feature allows the user to view the account if it is either sales or expenses. This will also allow the user to review the accounts.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game My Store.


Developer: CEDIE

Genre: Business

App version: release-ver-

App size: 4.3M


Innovative and it improves the quality of doing business. Kudos! Keep it up.

Grate App For E Commerce Bussiness You Can Sale online

Ayos! ❤️'

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