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My Freezer Collection

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Play this online game named My Freezer Collection.

Introducing My Freezer Collections, an application to manage and share freezer content.

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*NEW* View your collections on the web

* Create collections with any level of containers (e.g. shelves, drawers, fridges) and items (e.g. milk, buttons)

* Items have name, description, quantity and expiry fields. Quantity has easy access buttons to increment and decrement (think taking a pizza out of the freezer and reducing the item count by one).

* Custom Fields in Collections with String or Number types. Custom Fields can be mandatory, optionally shown in the lists and are searchable. Custom Fields also have custom formatting so you can display the values however you like.

* Add tags to items and filter by tag when searching.

* Items can have pictures either from the camera direct or via your photos collection.

* Drag and drop ordering of items in a container (use 'User defined' sort mode)

* Show and print a shopping list of items that are needed to restock the freezer

* Search across all items in a collection.

* Print a list of all the items in the search

* Cloud based storage so it syncs automagically across your devices.

* Invite other users by email to share your collection. They have full access to add/remove items and changes are synced almost immediately. (They need to install the app, of course). This feature will require a subscription in the final release.

* Manage users and give them READ, WRITE or ADMIN roles

* View public collections that other users have shared

* Receive notifications when an item is updated in a collection you are watching

* Product scanning by EAN/UPC. It's a bit hit and miss relying on Amazon (UK), UPCItemDB and Fridge to get details.

* Images loaded from the web if they are detailed in the scan metadata.

* Generic framework can be used for collections of anything, not just freezers!

If you would like a new feature to be added, or have found a bug, just email [email protected] and we'll be happy to help you


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