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The MT Health Entitlement application can be used by the citizen to interact with Malta Ministry for Health and Healthcare Providers for several use cases:
\tRequest, Renew, Cancel EHIC;
\tRequest, Cancel RHA;
\tCheck Eligibility;
\tRequest for Information.

The application will allow the citizen to send requests to Ministry for Health to keep track of the progress and the status of the requests, as well as to interact with the ministry through the transfer of electronic forms and attachments.

The application will inform the citizen with regards to any updates concerning the open requests, by email, SMS and in-application notifications.

The application will allow the user to send attachments using different sources: local file system, cloud, camera and phone scanner.

L-applikazzjoni tal-intitolament tas-Saa fMalta tista' tintua mi-ittadin biex jinteraixxi mal-Ministeru gas-Saa u l-Fornituri tal-Kura tas-Saa fMalta gal diversi kaijiet:

Titlob, Iedded, Tikkanella l-EHIC;
Titlob, Tikkanella l-RHA;
Tiekkja l-Eliibilit;
Titlob gall-Informazzjoni.

L-applikazzjoni se tippermetti li-ittadin jibgat talbiet lill-Ministeru gas-Saa biex iomm kont tal-progress u l-istat tat-talbiet, kif ukoll biex jinteraixxi mal-ministeru permezz tat-trasferiment tal-formoli u annessi elettronii.

L-applikazzjoni se tinforma li-ittadin fir-rigward ta' kwalunkwe aornament dwar it-talbiet miftua, permezz ta' email, SMS u notifiki ta 'l-applikazzjoni.

L-applikazzjoni tippermetti lill-klijent jibgat annessi permezz ta 'sorsi differenti: sistema tal-fajl lokali, cloud, kamera u skaner tal-mowbajl.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game MT Health Entitlement.


Developer: Government of Malta

Genre: Productivity

App version: 1.0.3

App size: 17M


USELESS, you can't get past the login page which continually sends you back to check your email for an activation link, one big circle going round and round going nowhere. Typical backward and poorly executed system. Why do the Maltese keep get 6yr olds to design their electronic and computer systems? Actually that is unfair on 6yr olds as I am sure they would do a much better job.

I can't access the submit button doesn't work when the form is filled correctly. And it give a wrong phone number at the beginning.

Email verification Is not being recieved so how can i use this app when i don't receive the email???

Would give it 0 total garbage app does not work continuously asking you to verify email address

This app is so terribly designed, it's not understandable at all how you can request an ehic"

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