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Moneelyte makes personal finance no longer a tall tale.
Select a general budget
Divide it into different categories (basic, home, health, transport, education, leisure, community)
Now just start recording your expenses and let moneelyte show you everything you need to make the best decisions!

Moneelyte is an app that helps you organize your expenses, knowing at all times how much you spend and how much you need to reach your limit.

Feel like an analyst without being one!
Personal finances require time, knowledge and perseverance; moneelyte is designed so that you get all the benefits of a traditional tool but with much less effort.
With moneelyte you can:
- Sort your expenses by type, so you know where the money is going
- Register your expenses in less than 15 seconds!
- Access easy to understand and very descriptive graphics
- Obtain reports of all kinds (expenses, income, savings)
- Access visual tutorials that will show you all the operation

Saving is possible
We know very well that saving is very difficult, especially in times when income is tight and not all of us have the same savings needs.

Save according to your means. Savings Challenges soon!
Are you single, married with children, elderly? Do you want to save for a trip, start a business, have a fund in case of need or for your old age? Moneelyte can be tailored to your needs with savings challenges that allow you to achieve everything from quick savings to soft, long-term savings.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Moneelyte - Ordena tus gastos.


Developer: SeetheLyte

Recent changes: - Se han resuelto problemas al crear nueva cuenta
- Descripción de los retos adaptado a 13 divisas.

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