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MobileJawi 2.0 is a brand new version of the custom keyboard app that includes a super easy Malay, English, Arabic and Jawi keyboards.

With these keyboards, you can type directly into any app. There is no need to cut-and-paste!

With the Rumi -> Jawi keyboard, you type the text with the standard qwerty keyboard used for English and Malay. MobileJawi includes an engine that will transliterate the Malay words from Rumi to Jawi as you are typing.

For example, to get in Jawi, you just type saya in Rumi. You can type Jawi text like a pro, even if you are not a Jawi pro!

MobileJawi predicts the word you are trying to type and presents a list of suggested words. These words are shown in both Jawi and Rumi letters so you can cross check and be comfortable that you are indeed getting the word you want. It also auto-corrects the word before transliterating. Touching any of the suggested words will insert only the word spelt in Jawi into the text.

Once a word is selected from the suggestions and inserted into the text, MobileJawi will then present a list of possible words as the next word. These words will also be shown in Jawi and Rumi. You can select the correct word from the Rumi spelling, even if you can't read Jawi.

MobileJawi handles the common short-cuts used in Malay. For example, when you type jln, MobileJawi will expand jln into jalan and then provide the Jawi spelling for this word in the suggestions list.

For words that MobileJawi can not transliterate, like words from other languages, you can get the Jawi letters by long-pressing the keys or simply switch to the Jawi keyboard and type the word directly in Jawi. Even there, MobileJawi shows the Rumi spelling of the word spelt in Jawi!

Prediction is available in all languages supported by MobileJawi: Bahasa (Rumi and Jawi), English and Arabic.

With MobileJawi, you will never be lost!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game MobileJawi.


Developer: Muthu Nedumaran

Recent changes: In this version, we have improved Google Play compliance by removing unsupported third partly libraries.

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