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Midnight Arena

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Midnight Arena is a stylized arcade brawler that focuses on a dystopian universe. In a universe where monsters and humans are alike, tournaments with insanely large rewards occur at the heart of the capital. Champions of various races with different weapons participate in this tournament of madness - Cyber Samurais, Ninja Warriors, Blade Masters, Mages, Reapers, Shredders, Monsters Gang, Shadow X, and more. All fighting styles are permitted, be it karate, martial arts, kung-fu, wrestling, boxing, or any form of sparring. The experience delivered by this high-paced rogue action will prove to be one of the most enjoyable fighting games for boys.

This game offers player versus player and player vs AI fighting games mode, both online and offline, using the latest Photon Engine for a smooth, lag-free multiplayer fighting game experience similar to what you would see in other online fighting games.

Unlock all unique characters, max out your potential, and light up the Midnight Battle Arena. The stage is yours. Experience intense combat in this action RPG. See who lives and see who dies first. Assume your fighting stance, brave challenger. Divekick into the fighting arena with valor. Do you have what it takes to be the raid boss of this fighting revolution?

Choose between a joystick and direction-pad (Recommended) to control your character
Double tap direction keys for a quick move
Unique combos for every character - don't forget to check out their move list!
The Ultimate ability button will show up when ready

Button-mash your way through the top of the leaderboard just like you would with any other PC games
Try the practice mode to master your skills and experience an endless fighting game.

Full HD graphics jam-packed with special effects for every character and combo. You will feel a knock-out punch for every move you make, every trade you take. It will take more than your grit.

NOTE: Midnight Arena - Fighting Game requires storage permission to store game assets. Please do not hesitate to share your gaming experience and suggestions with us - write to us at [email protected]

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Midnight Arena - Fighting Game.


Developer: Earth People Studio

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