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Mechas War Robots browser game play online

Free play online Mechas War Robots browser game APK

Mechas War Robots browser game

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Play this online game named Mechas War Robots browser game.

This web game offer you fights between 2 factions in space and on planets.

1rst Task for you will be to understand the wonderfull year 3500 interface 3D - HOLO and how to progress / start playing!

NOTE : A BIG SCREEN / good resolution is needed for best result (so at least 800*600)

This game project is a 100% web game that offer you to move on stellar MAP, challenge others opponents, and defend your Faction.

You take the spirit of Mechwarrior, and the planets conflict part of most of the space games, then you have Mechas War!

By now this small application only offer french language and a BASIC LIMITED VIEW OF FULL GAME CONTENT, that you could find on full website :

We will love to have beta tester review and help!

Tanks a lot and see you soon in game.

Mechas War Team.

Here are the steps to start :

- Open the MISSIONS tab, you will see one selected.
- Open Messages box for details about the mission.
- Go to the map, click on the system name of the mission (1 - Sol)
- Travel to system, open the system view with a click on it.
- Land on the planet of the mission.
- Check Mech setup before the fight.
- Click on attack - Fight and kill stuffs.
- Read mails and missions for next steps.

Update : Fixed MAP interactions.

Coming soon : Update of Android CSS compatibility to display animated combats


Changements version 1.4.7 :
- Enabled notifications

Changes version 1.4.0 :
- Zoom options

Changements version 1.3.9 :
- Pre caching of big files

Changes version 1.3.7 :
- Update of SDK PG

Changes version 1.2.7 :
- Minor visual changes

Changes version 1.2.3 :
- Testing a new portal style.

Changes version 1.1.9 :
- Translation progress on full WEB release 50% Done (display not optimized for mobiles phones).

Changes version 1.1.2 :
- Enhanced portal update handler.



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