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Play this online game named Marshall.

Marshall needs your help, he needs to collect chocolate to make into chocolate coins! This is a dangerous jobs because the only place to collect chocolate is Campfire Falls, a treacherous mountain side where flaming campfire logs will fly right at you! Sometimes people will get caught in the fire and fall from the cliff! Do your best to save your friends before they hit the ground!

About the Development:

Hey, my name is Brandon Plummer and I like to make games in my free time. I made this game with no intention of making money off of it but more of to get products out and to share my progress as a developer. That being said this game will be free to play and without ads! Everything in the game and all of the updates will be free! The only thing I could perceive adding is a donation button... so short story long, it's free, ENJOY!

This game was developed in YoYo Game's Game Maker primarily using the programming language exclusive to the program, GML. The art assets are all made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CC. The sound for the game we made on and all of the music is made in Caustic 3.

If you stumbled across this game and enjoy it, leave a message or rate the game! Criticisms and ideas are always welcome! There should be more to come once the game in nearing the end of it's beta!


Working on getting the donation button to work. If it is currently not working the game itself should work fine! Thanks for playing!



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