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Share your identity and sensitive information in real-time with other individuals and businesses.

Luciditi allows you to safely prove who you are on the phone, online or in person safe in the knowledge that you can check who is requesting your information BEFORE you send yours.

All Luciditi users are required to have a Digital Identity verified by a government issued passport and live facial matching. Through identity proofing, we prevent anonymity and grow our community of trust for the benefit of all users.

Luciditi data is highly secure and cannot be accessed by anyone other than its owner. It is encrypted using keys which are held for each account on a single-designated device. This means that only you are able to read your data (not even Luciditi) without consent. Even after you do, you can change your mind at any time and revoke access instantaneously.

* Request Photo ID and Age verification for in-person identification

* Request Identity confirmation of individuals arriving at your premises

* Accurately exchange sensitive details such as bank and payment details

* Audit confirmed requests for compliance

* Reduce data retention by requesting only that which is needed, when it's needed

* Revoke access to supplied data in real-time, at any time


Leverage Luciditi's Verified ID in your own app or service for remote onboarding. Talk to our team about how you can embed our highly-secure technology to save you time, money and streamline your processes with reduced risk of user abandonment.


A valid passport is required identity verification during the signup process.

Usually, UK members home addresss are verified by 3rd party Experian (a 'soft search' is performed, it will NOT affect your credit score) and valid accounts will be active within a few minutes of setup. The time taken to verify members from other countries will vary depending on the quality of information sources available in that country.


In order to install Luciditi as an individual account holder (i.e. one which is not linked to a business), you will require a 6-digit sign-up code which will have been provided by another Individual user or a Luciditi Business Account either in-app, via SMS or email. After launching the app, use the Create Account option from the start page.


You will have received an email with your one-time registration code or a page displaying a QR code which is linked to your organisation. After launching the app, use the Register Account option from the start page. You will be prompted to begin ID Verification account registration is complete and the app opens for the first time.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Luciditi.


Developer: Arissian Ltd

Recent changes: Updated to v1.13.45

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