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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Lords Mobile - Gamota.

Gamota and IGG cooperated to co-publish Lords Mobile game in Vietnam.

Do you want to join the battle with millions of players? Join LORDS MOBILE, the real-time strategy MMO mobile game.

Explore strange magical lands filled with terrifying monsters and brutal enemies. Choose your favorite heroes, make friends and go to war! Defeat every enemy and build an empire of your own!

Collect Artifacts
Discover Ancient Artifacts in the Hall of Antiquities. Upgrade and strengthen them to unlock real power!

Enter the Border Gate!
The Border Gate is the most anticipated new feature waiting for you! Collect, upgrade and combine cards to take on thrilling levels, with the talent and invincible border guard power defeating the evil enemies lurking at the Border!

NEW: T5 Soldiers!
Upgrade your minions to T5 by crafting Light Weapons! Return to the battlefield and sweep!

Open World Mobile Game
Join millions of players in an open world on mobile! Watch, chat and freely challenge others in this MMO!

Make Friends
Gather allies in the kingdom and go to war together!

Ruling like an Emperor
Take the throne in the ultimate battle of the kingdom! Will you rule as an ally or just a dictator?!

Mighty General
Recruit and upgrade heroes with unique skills and distinct personalities! Let them lead you to glory or team up to complete RPG campaigns you'll definitely want to play over and over again!

Adept Strategist
How would you arrange your troops before a battle? Explore formations to master your strategy! Summarize the best way to take down your enemies in this ultimate mobile simulation MMO game!

Combat Animation
Experience the ferocity of battles through superb 3D graphics!

Change of Kingdom
Build your empire on new lands by transferring to any server with a simple click! Be flexible!

Open Your Own Path
Will you invade the enemy kingdom and capture some leaders? Will you rescue prisoners from battles? Or will the kingdoms and empires you build fall to dust?

Summon Partner
Compromise with ferocious monsters and make them Partners! Train and develop this new force to possess their endless possibilities. With this powerful force, nothing can stand in our way!

Dragon Arena
An epic battle between Guilds will take place! Troops will be preserved, forward!

Build your own legacy, only in LORDS MOBILE!

Official Facebook Page:
Customer Support: [email protected]

Note: A network connection is required to play.

[App Permissions]
Devices running Lollipop (OS 5.1.1) or lower may allow game data to be saved on expandable storage.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Lords Mobile - Gamota.


Developer: IGG.COM

Recent changes: #Khắc phục sự cố Tự động Sử Dụng không hiển thị trong Xưởng Đá Trăng
#Sửa lỗi dữ liệu Tướng tồn động trong trang triển khai Lính
#Sự kiện [Thử Thách Săn Báu] mới (mở khóa tại Lâu đài Lv 5. Kiểm tra Bảng sự kiện để biết chi tiết)
#Thêm [Chân dung Ngoại Trang Thủ Lĩnh] vào Thử Thách Mê Hồn Trận & Săn Báu
#Thử Thách Cổ Vật: Cải tiến Cửa Hàng Thử Thách, thay đổi một số giải thưởng thành Rương Tự Chọn
#[Ngoại Trang Thủ Lĩnh] (dùng Chân dung để mở khóa)

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