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LEXiby DESK:Automate for video play online

Play LEXiby DESK:Automate for video APK

LEXiby DESK:Automate for video

The official app & game

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game LEXiby DESK:Automate for video.

LEXiby DESK: Automation for video App.(like a youtube)

Smart desk for video App. with Automation of starting, finishing, ads skipping.

When an advertisement video is shown, turn down the sound. (optional)

LEXiby DESK supports automatic running even without power in 3 ways.

1. One-touch manual launch and shutdown

2. Auto Run and Manual Shutdown (NFC)

3. Fully automatic execution termination (LEXIBY READY cradle required)
You can DIY the cradle with a little work on the existing cradle.

For details, refer to the LEXiby DESK tab at

Our App. uses the Accessibility Services API (AccessibilityServices API) and complies with Google's policies.
Every time you use the Navi app (driving), you have no choice but to change the settings of your mobile phone and repeatedly close the app and return to settings after driving. To improve user convenience by automatically doing this, some functions use accessibility API this is absolutely necessary.
Accessibility permission is required to use the following functions among all the functions of our app. If you don't want to use it, you can exclude the function.
- Close the launched App. in our app
- Turn on and off functions such as airplane mode, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and hotspot
- Initial setting of the launched app (in the case of navigation, entering safe driving, etc.)
- Use of the Air button (visiting other apps or sites with one touch while navigation App. is running)
- Try to shutdown for battery
Our App. is using android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE.
Our App. do not collect or share personal or sensitive user data.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game LEXiby DESK:Automate for video.


Developer: cubesugarkorea

Recent changes: Added always skipping Ads. feature

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