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This app is meant to find out safety and possibility of Laser Refractive Surgery , namely Smart Lasik , PRK & TopoLink Lasik. It is not meant for Wavefront Guided Customized Lasik. The app can be used by entering patients personal data, refraction of each eyes, keratectomy values, pachymetry of the cornea and type of refractive surgery. User can also insert 02 images of each eye (total 04 images). By clicking calculate s user can get RST (Residual Stromal Thickness) & PTA (Percentile of Tissue Ablated)
User will get red highlighted field of keratectomy, RST and PTA if it is out of normal value. User can store the data, review it and share the data of the particular patient. This app is very useful to find out whether Lasik or PRK is possible safely in particular patient or not. Suggestions are invited to Dr. Grish Jethwa, Jethwa Eye Hospital, Anand, Gujarat, India ([email protected])

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