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Koi Fish Guide

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Koi fish is one of the freshwater ornamental fish commodities which is still recognized as a popular one in the international market and is classified as an expensive ornamental fish. Therefore, koi fish are very much in demand, especially for ornamental fish hobbyists Koi is one type of ornamental fish that is in great demand. For ornamental fish hobbyists, of course you are familiar with the type of koi fish. Koi fish can be a special pleasure for hobbyists because of their various color patterns. Apart from its beauty, koi fish are believed to be fish that bring good luck. Therefore, keeping koi fish in the indoor aquarium has become a trend of new house decorating today.
This app will really give you all the information related to koi fish. Starting from its history, morphology (types and genetics), how to treat it, and how to farming koi fish. This app provides a simple way to care and raise koi fish for beginners. As long as you are diligent and serious when doing.
So, play online this application for free and enjoy the benefits!
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Developer: Langsam

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