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Knots guide, a great app with lots of popular kinds of knots and detailed ways to tie them. In our application, Knots guide will find anyone suitable for their type of activity a knot, whether you are a yacht owner, mountaineer, fisherman, or you just need to tie yourself a tie. Knots tying guide will help you to make perfect and useful knots.

Knot pictures are stored offline and no internet connection is required for application to work.

What types of knots inside:
- Basic useful
- Alpine butterfly
- Bowline
- Constrictor knot
- Figure-eight knot
- Grass bend
- Monkey's fist
- Prusik
- Reef
- Sheet bend
- Double sheet bend
- Spanish bowline
- Versatackle
- Water
- Hitches
- Anchor bend
- Clove hitch
- Buntline hitch
- Diamond hitch
- Rolling hitch
- Taut-line hitch
- Timber hitch
- Trucker's hitch
- Trick
- Grief
- Tom fool's
- Basic ropes
- Useful
- Best

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Knots guide.


Developer: wunder app

Recent changes: Added basic knot tying guides

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