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Kitty at the Dentist Girl Game

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Play this online game named Kitty at the Dentist Girl Game.

Become a dentist and take care of these cute cat's teeth!

Kitty at the Dentist is a cute free dentist girls game where you can fix the dental problems of these adorable kittens by cleaning and decorating the teeth. This is a fun game for kids that will teach them how to take care of their own teeth.

Uh oh! These cute little cats have been chewing on bad things and now they have some serious tooth problems. Adopt your own pet cat and take them to a trip to the dentist's office. Open those mouths wide and become their vet dentist by fixing and cleaning their teeth. Then decorate them with fun colors and funky sticker designs.

Me-Ouch! Toothache Hurts!
Chewing on mousey toys and catnip isn't good for these kitties and now they have some really bad teeth. It's important for a cat to keep their fangs healthy and sharp, so take them to the dentist before they get worse!

Become a Cat Dentist!
Show off your dental fixing skills and become a professional cat dentist! Choose from unique dentist tools to help return a healthy and shiny smile to your furry feline patients.

Time to Smile!
Use the dentist tools to fix all kind of problems from holes in the teeth, to nasty plaque and yellow stains. Wash out the mouth when you're done for a white smile.

Decorate the Teeth!
When you're done cleaning the teeth, it's time to decorate them! Choose different colors and apply designs like fish and animal paw prints to the teeth for teeth to really show off.

Game Features:
>Take a trip to the dentist's office and care for your kitten's teeth.
>Become a dentist and fix your kitty's tooth problems.
>Brush the teeth to remove yellow stains.
>Use a drill to fix holes in the teeth.
>Remove nasty plaque on the teeth.
>Scrape off bits of leftover food.
>Remove rotten teeth and replace with new teeth.
>Wash out the mouth.
>Decorate the teeth with colours and designs.
>Take a screenshot of your cat's funky new teeth.
>Help fix the teeth of all cute kitties!

What You Get With Kitty at the Dentist:
>4 unique baby kittens to choose from.
>Each cat has their own fur pattern.
>7 dental tools to use.
>6 tooth problems to fix.
>10 new teeth shapes to use.
>Cat fanged teeth to choose from.
>20 colours to paint the teeth.
>20 decorations for the teeth.
>Kitty at the Dentist is completely FREE with NO In-App Purchases.
>Enjoy and care for your kitty!

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