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Kansas Lottery: Algorithm play online

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Kansas Lottery: Algorithm

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Kansas Lottery: Algorithm.

Now the most advanced super algorithm for Kansas lottery games in this app!


- All 11 lottery games are available in one app.
- Increase your chances to win the jackpot with highly specialized algorithms developed with high mathematics.
- It is fast and easy for use.
- Optimised and small app size.
- No complicated keys and combinations.
- You can handle everything with just one button.


1. 2by2
2. Holiday Millionaire Raffle
3. Keno
4. Lotto America
5. Lucky for Life
6. Mega Millions
7. Pick 3 Midday
8. Pick 3 Evening
9. Powerball
10. Racetrax
11. Super Kansas Cash


This app does not support online playing, gambling, betting, or purchase lottery tickets and is not linked to, or affiliated with, or approved by any of the operators of any lottery games.

This app is for entertainment purposes only. Games included in the app may have names or logos similar to local or global games played for money in one or more countries. The games in the app have nothing to do with real proprietary games played for money.

This app is designed by developing a unique algorithm to predict lucky numbers in lottery games. However, it is for entertainment purposes only and cannot be played online for money. Also, it never guarantees winning any lottery game or monetization in any way.

We do not recommend playing the lottery or any other game for money. Therefore, the operations to be performed by the user via this application and all risks are entirely under the user's responsibility and can never be associated with the application developer.

For detailed information, you should read our privacy policy and contract sections on our website. Everyone who uses the app is deemed to have fully read, understood and accepted these rules and the terms written in the contract.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Kansas Lottery: Algorithm.



Recent changes: 1. Improved new algorithms.
2. All components updated.
3. Layout adjustments.
4. Added control codes.
5. Icons optimised.
6. Animations improved.
7. Redundant codes cleared and app size reduced.
8. Added help button.
9. Bonus balls colours created.
10. Resolution increased.
11. Added remember last game.
12. Ad settings completed.

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