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It is to enable users to reach their healthy lifestyle goals by offering personalized nutrition programs and fitness programs, just as trainers and dietitians do. With this app, users can achieve their goals, such as losing weight in a healthy way, gaining muscle mass or gaining an overall fitter body. The application allows users to track their eating habits and access personalized nutrition programs. In addition, thanks to the personalized fitness programs prepared by the trainers, users can achieve faster results by performing exercises that meet their goals. The app also allows users to track their adherence to their schedule, and tracking health data makes it easier for users to reach their healthy lifestyle goals. Thanks to this application, users can get more support from their visits to trainers and dietitians. Overall, the aim of our project is to help users maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering personalized nutrition and fitness programs, just like coaches and dietitians do. The app makes it easy for users to access and stick to their nutrition and exercise plans in line with their goals.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game JUST-PT.


Developer: AestheteSoft

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