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IXIRUS is an app that aims to support and facilitate professional or personal development of the users by;
Increasing self-awareness
Guiding the personal and professional development by a structured plan
Supporting with resources
Reminding the necessary actions
Facilitating receiving feedback from the related parties

With these features, it will be suitable for both corporate and individual use and will be mostly used as a complementary tool of a training program.

The main functions of the Ixirus are;

1- Development Plan: It is a structured plan that helps user to choose a behavior and prepare the action plan to develop this behavior.
2- Behavior Style: It is a self-assessment questionnaire that helps user to understand behavior and communication style of self and the others.
3-Notifications: Admin can send some messages/tips to the user related with the development area or training program, for the reinforcement purposes.
4- Resources: Provide different types (text, video and audio) of sources which are classified by competencies.


A corporate or individual user will prepare the own development plan by the following steps:

1-Determines under which training program to create a development plan
2-Selects the competency targeted for personal development from the competency set defined for the selected training program.
3- Selects the behavior that he wants to develop through defined behavior set of the competency s/he chooses or defines the behavior itself.
4-Defines the benefit that the targeted behavior development will provide for itself, the team and the company.
5- Reveals the performance barriers that must be overcome for development by answering 5 questions.
6- Defines the action steps and their deadlines to be taken for the behavior that it aims to develop. Ixirus reminds the user of upcoming deadlines by sending notifications.
7- Identifies resources to support behavioral development and adds them to the action plan. Resources can be in text, video or audio format or also can a link to these resources.
8- Can choose his manager and / or trainer as a target mentor. In this case, an email message and the development plan prepared in the attachment will go to the mentor(s).
After a development plan is created, the following functions will be activated:

a- Editing, updating or deleting the development plan
b- Marking the defined action steps as completed
c- Requesting feedback from chosen people about the development based on the defined behavior. Feedback will be entered from the web browser and will come as a notification to the user.


Based on the DISC personality types methodology, the user can determine their own type by taking the test, composed of 10 questions.
The test then generates a personalized report for each user that enables the user to understand their behavior styles as well as 3 other personality types and gets recommendations based on communicating and collaborating with different people with different styles so that the possible clashes in ideas or styles can be avoided.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Ixirus.


Developer: OEC B.V.

Recent changes: Initial release

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