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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Isekai:Slow Life.

In this wonderful new world, you will begin by managing and developing a small town while meeting and engaging with various types of beautiful and bizarre characters. Discover unknown lands with them as you wander at your leisure and enjoy the quiet life.

[Make a family in another world and enjoy a relaxing life]

Explore fateful encounters with many different races: A gentle vampire nurse, an artistic octopus teacher, a cute siren drinking companion...... While away the sweet, relaxing days of ISEKAI life.

[Explore the continent of ISEKAI and form bonds with various companions]

Bond with companions from all trades and walks of life: A cat-eared maid girl, a goblin merchant, a monster hunter...... Each companion has their own unique skills and is ready to aid you in exploring the secrets of ISEKAI and building your village.

[Open stores and build a village]

All kinds of trades and businesses can flourish in your village: A workshop, a potion store, a tavern, a school...... Use your keen business skills to develop the economy of your village, step by step. Grab the opportunities that come your way, take care of the business owners who depend on you, and build the honor and reputation of your very own village.

[Join the Adventurers Guild to experience cooperation and challenge]

Join a guild or create your own to wander the world of ISEKAI with other fellow adventurers. You could become fast friends, or opponents in heated combat.

[On the road to godhood, every road is meaningful]

As your exploration of ISEKAI unfolds, your form and reputation will change and evolve, and before you know it, you wont just be an ordinary mushroom anymore...... The road ahead has many paths, each awaiting your discovery.

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This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
Please pay attention to the game time and avoid addiction.

When using this application, we will ask you to authorize the use of mobile phone functions to provide services.
-Related App Permissions
[Required] Storage Space: Allow uploading photos or videos for obtaining customer support.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Isekai:Slow Life.


Developer: Mars-Games

Recent changes: 1.Optimized some systems.
2.Added new Family Members and Fellows.

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