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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Image to PDF, PDF to Image.

Image to PDF, PDF to Image is a simple and easy-to-use app for creating and editing PDFs from Image. It is ideal for png, jpg, jpeg, PSD, gif, BMP, etc files. You can select unlimited images. It has the following features-

Image to pdf converter You can convert photos to pdf, this is a free pdf converter app that can convert pictures to pdf from gallery. Image to PDF converter can use in offline mode. Convert multiple images into a single PDF. Image to PDF converter, PDF tools support the generation of password-protected PDF. Grayscale and black white image effects settings. Image Quality setting including no compression, low, medium, and high.

Text to pdf converter Convert a Text file into a pdf file. You can select font size, font family, page color, the page size of pdf.

QR & Barcodes to pdf converter Scan a QR and Barcodes. Image to PDF Converter, PDF tools app can create a pdf from QR and Barcodes.

Excel to pdf converter Convert an excel file into a pdf file.

Merge pdfs Merge two or more PDFs and into a Single PDF Document.

Spilt pdf Split a large PDF file on a particular page into multiple files. For example from page number 1-4,4-7,8,9.

Invert pdf Invert the background and text color of the pdf file. This will Invert the background color, text color, various components present in pdf.

Compress pdf You can Reduce the file size of a pdf file. this is a free pdf converter app that can compress pdf.

Remove pages Remove specific pages from a PDF.

Reorder pages Change the order of specific pages from a PDF.

PDF to image converter Generate images of pages of the pdf file. The image file will be in png format.

ZIP to pdf converter Convert text files from the zip files into pdf documents. This will only convert a zip file that contains text files only.

Add Text file to pdf Merge a PDF and a text file into a Single PDF Document. Add text to your new file or existing one and you can also change the font type of the text. The text file you select will be added to the end of the selected pdf.

Rotate pages of pdf Rotate specific pages of PDF e.g. Portrait to Landscape & Landscape to Portrait by an angle of 90,180 or 270 clockwise.
Add Watermark on created PDFs Add Watermark text on PDF with font and color.

Add images to pdf Add one or more images to a PDF file. The images you select will be added to the end of the selected pdf.

Generate Password-protected PDFs Enjoy unlimited privacy of your PDF Document by encrypting it with a Password. You can also remove(decrypt) passwords from the pdf by entering the password associated with pdf. Password-protected PDF is well encrypted and no one can open the file without knowing the password.

Permissions are required for the smooth working of the application.

Internet permission is for loading and showing ads.

Storage permission is required for reading and writing files from the storage.

Change storage location to your own location.

If you find any difficulties or have some suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us at:[email protected]

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Image to PDF, PDF to Image.


Developer: RisusVibes

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