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The Hypnosis is like a large toad with large, multi-colored, swaying eyes and emits a monotonous hum. His eyes light up all the time. The toad apparently uses them as a power of hypnosis on people and animals around them. He hypnotizes the sheep in a pen in a pet contest and then the judges and the public in awarding him first prize.

It is a fairly large frog, with eyes that put whatever is seen in them in a hypnotic trance, forcing them to do what he wants. The eyes have black pupils with red, and yellow rings around them.

The origins of the most famous frog are unknown, but it is speculated that it is an alien mutant, or a product of genetic engineering. It also appears to be the only one of its kind on Earth.

"Everyone loves Hypnosis."
It consists of a fixed camera filming the Hypnosis and its characteristic noise continuously.

It appears in several episodes being as sculptures, TV advertising, posters among others.
She won the pet contest not because of her beauty but because she mesmerized the judges with her eyes.

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