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HyperGames Ep1:Techgnome Beats play online

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HyperGames Ep1:Techgnome Beats

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Play this online game named HyperGames Ep1:Techgnome Beats.

Best Mobile Game at the Philippine Game Festival 2014
Coming soon on iOS
Minimum requirements: Android 2.3 and up

Short Description
Hyper Man is a hyperactive guy who is absolutely willing to take on any challenges that come his way. His entire life is an adventure waiting to explode! Tonight is a special night and Hyper Man is in the mood to go dancing. Little did he know, however, that the techgnomes control the dance floor. And these techgnomes do not want to share.

What the Imaginary Press says:
• Absolutely rad! Wicked! The dance steps are infectious! - Darla
• You realize you're like, totally biased. - DJ Sgnomerman
• I am not! The graphics completely draw you in. And the story is absolutely compelling and intense! And the dance steps are completely out-of-this-world! - Darla
• Okay, now that doesn't even make any kind of sense given the game is not even a rhythm game. - DJ Sgnomerman

• Multilingual Expressions
• Addictive backbeat
• Tireless awesome moves
• Eternal fan-service (Yay Hyperman!)
• Simple to learn, impossible to master system
• Points
• More Points
• Gnome violence*

*No actual gnomes were harmed in the process. Too much.


Performance improvements.
Patched memoryleaks.
Removed unneeded Android permissions.



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