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The Hot DIve is a camera and video app that works on Samsung Galaxy and Android 10, 11 and above operating system phones.
Capture images and record videos to 80 meters/260 feet.
Adjust Zoom, Front and Rear Lens Switching, Auto Focus, White Balance, Photo/Video Resolution, camera settings display and automatic settings.
Have an automatic vacuum pumping system;
Provide free diving mode and scuba diving mode switch;
View photos and play videos in Playback mode;
Files also saved in your mobile phone for editing and sharing;
For more information of HotDive Underwater Phone Housing, please visit

advantages such as:

Hot Dive Smart Housing fit many smart phones.No matter what size your phone is or where the camera lens is,the Smart Housing surely can lock the phone tight and offer prefect view sight for camera lens.

Hot Dive Smart Housing is a versatile housing,regardless of IOS or Android operating system.Simply ensure Bluetooth is turned on in your device and connect to Hot Dive app is fine.

3.Selfie Function
Since your phone with a front camera then you can take selfie underwater absolutely.The system of Hot Dive app supports users to select mode between front camera and back camera.Totally get rid of the annoying selfie stick which is in-convenient carrying and may cause damage in strong current.

4.Preview Function
Hot Dive Smart Housing is first product that support users preview videos or photographs underwater directly which no need to waiting until come out of water to open it.The biggest benefit for users is they know the satisfaction of their product in the first time.Save a lot of time!

5.Depth Meter Function
Hot Dive Smart Housing has a built-in depth meter.It is necessary for Free Divers,Scuba Divers even Simmers as an important reminder when they are taking photos without consciousness of depth.

6.Compass Function
Same like depth meter function,Hot Dive Smart Housing offer Compass system.In order to guarantee users have the right directions.

7.Fill Light
Fully consider the practical situation underwater.Hot Dive offer a fill light to compensate the color they lost.

8.Quick Share
All videos and pictures will be saved in mobile phone album.You want to share then you just share!

9.Vacuum Seal
Hot Dive Smart Housing use vacuum pumper to seal device.Not only to keep water outside but also prevent fogging.Eliminate any possible efforts which may influence the cameras.By the way,40 meters deep is a small dish to this device which already is the limit of recreational diving.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Hot Dive.


Developer: HotDive

Recent changes: Fix known problems, and optimize user experience.

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