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Hot Air Balloon Lift / Altitude Calculator

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Hot Air Balloon Lift / Altitude Calculator.

This app allows you to calculate the theoretical lift and maximum altitude of a hot air balloon for a given load based on the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA).
Once the envelope, basket, burner, fuel and passenger weight data has been entered together with the reference - usually the take of site- ambient temperature, altitude and QNH, the maximum altitude is determined.
The results can also be shown in graph of maximum altitude versus reference temperature. Also the effect of envelope temperature on maximum altitude can be seen. Up to three balloon configurations can be stored for later use.
The lift calculations are based on the equations given in Appendix 2 of the Cameron Balloon flight manual. A constant internal envelope temperature of 100 deg C is assumed. The temperature and pressure variations with altitude are assumed to follow the ISA. This app is intended for educational purposes only. The use of this app and the results provided are entirely at you own risk. The results may be wrong or inaccurate.
For hot air balloon flight planning the relevant balloon manufacturer flight manual and load charts MUST always be used as reference.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Hot Air Balloon Lift / Altitude Calculator.


Developer: Flying Kamel

Recent changes: Update load calcs

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