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Hiragana Katakana Lesson is an educational app that allows children who are new to hiragana and katakana to write letters in a fun way.

Help children who are beginning to be interested in recognizing hiragana and katakana while touching them, and let children who are about to enter elementary school master hiragana and katakana and gain confidence by the time they enter elementary school.

Hiragana Katakana Lesson ranked second in the App Store education ranking!
The hiragana and katakana version of the popular kanji drill series is finally on sale!

Hiragana Katakana Lesson is a practice drill that allows you to write and memorize 46 for each hiragana and katakana Japanese syllabary, which are used as everyday characters, with your fingers. It is intended for preschoolers who are new to letters and Japanese learners who are new to Japanese. By learning hiragana and katakana, you will be able to communicate in basic Japanese and will be the basis of all learning. This app is perfect for families who want to learn hiragana and katakana before entering elementary school because the child can operate it by himself and learn the letters. Also, as you write letters over and over again, you will acquire concentration. First of all, let's acquire the ability to read and write happily by seeing the letters with your eyes, listening with your ears, and writing with your fingers.

This app will write the characters used in the illustrations related to familiar things. Hiragana and katakana are listed from "A" to "N", and each has a small illustration. Click the letters to show the correct stroke order and reading, and start practicing. Write and remember 6 times per letter. Every time you write a letter, the illustration moves and remains in your memory, and if you write it in the correct stroke order, flowers will be attached, which will increase your motivation for learning. If you make a mistake, the redo function will work, so you can continue practicing until you can write the correct letters. You can erase mistakes and characters you want to rewrite with an eraser and try again and again. Each of the memorized letters is displayed with a colorful icon, so the list of letters that gradually changes at the same time as a guide for learning will encourage learning. In addition, the character's steps and voices at the top of the screen show the progress of character acquisition, so you can have fun and get a sense of accomplishment.

You don't have to practice in the order of AIUEO. Start writing with the letters you are interested in or the letters in your favorite illustrations!

[App configuration]
Renshu: Practice writing hiragana and katakana in the correct stroke order
The correctly written letters will be marked so you can see the learning status.
Tango: Practice writing words related to familiar things.
Karuta: Touch the picture cards from "A" to "N" that correspond to the picture cards that are read aloud.

Hearing hiragana and katakana will be tested to see if they can be recognized as characters.
Voice on / off
BGM on / off
Delete practice record

Received the "7th Kids Design Award"!
Mirai Child Education Project
Received the "7th Kids Design Award" (sponsored by the Kids Design Council, a specified non-profit organization)!
We will continue to develop educational apps that everyone can use with peace of mind from the perspective of kids design!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Hiragana Katakana Lessons.



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