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Play this online game named Hide The Color.

Hide The Color is a simple arcade game where your reflexes and speed make all the difference when it comes to breaking your record.

Hide, by touching the screen, as many colored squares as you can before running out of lives or time.

Be agile, but careful, some of the squares are tougher and require more persistence.

For the moments of downtime in your life, it’ll be your greatest ally.


- When you first press the play button, the tutorial will appear.
- Once you reach the play screen, the game won’t start until your press it.
- If you want to return to the tutorial, wait a few seconds without pressing the play screen.
- The goal of the game is to hide as many colors as you can before running out of time. To do that, press anywhere on the screen when the color of the center square matches any of the top squares. Press as many times as necessary before the color changes.
-Each square you eliminate gives you an extra second of playing time. Earn points by eliminating all the squares in a row. Each complete row you eliminate counts as one point. Earn ten points to gain a life.
- You lose once you run out of time or lives.

Now you're ready . But be warned , Hide The Color is an addictive game . Comment on twitter and facebook with the hashtag : #hidethecolorwant to see your scores !


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