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Saitama ,サイタマ is the main protagonist of One Punch Man and the most powerful hero alive. What kind of power is that?! Who is this unidentified super hero? He just popped out of nowhere defeating all the most dangerous super villains by just a punch, he said once “When I was a little boy I wanted to be a hero. Not some business man. But a superhero who could send rotten villains like you flying with one punch.” -Saitama, No one knows him, not even a popular super hero. People think he's a disaster that cause all super threat to rage in anger. Not even calamities of the planets can stop him except that.. He trips!

- They say reality is stranger than fiction... and maybe it is, but it definitely isn't STRONGER than fiction! Our modern day mythology is filled with so many over powered heroes and villains that sometimes it gets difficult tell who is capable of what. And perhaps the single best example of this dilemma is our hero from the One Punch Man who has still yet to struggle against a single opponent, despite being featured across three different realms of media. What can he do? What CAN'T he do? Is there any definable limit on his strength? And where does it all come from? Today, we embark on a journey across physics, biology, and... literature to finally uncover the truth about Saitama's power! And believe it or not, but you might have already encountered a few hints to the answers already.


- You Need to fight All enemies, the challenge is to avoid obstacles that makes you slip. Kill them before they kill you like. Dodge slippery obstacles by pressing jump. Defeating Enemies pops out coins to get new costumes.




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