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Hemispheres Personality Test

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Play this online game named Hemispheres Personality Test.

The quickest personality test around, it takes about a minute. Just a few simple physical tasks like clap your hands. It's surprisingly accurate some people claim.

Hemispheres test makes it especially easy to test other people. You'll simply ask them to do a few easy tasks and watch how they did it. You can tell them what personality did Hemispheres test find - or not, as some people might find it hard to swallow. Or you can have a good laugh about it anyway.

Hemispheres test:

◐ Doesn't ask abstract questions you have no idea how to answer.
◐ Doesn't want you to rate some personality traits that are impossible to rate without some context (and even then).
◐ Makes it easy to test your friends.
◐ Is easy to understand even for people not fluent in English.

This test is meant for fun. Even though it can be quite accurate for some people, don't take it too seriously. It can work as a fun conversation starter.


Fun test for you and friends.



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