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Make new habits and track your progress with the new habit tracker and habit planner app.

Are you planning to welcome a new habit in life? How about becoming in terms of emotions, health, productivity and creativity? Habitude Daily Habit Tracker & Routine Planner is a new Habit journal app which helps you adopt new habits and stick to them easily.

Habitude is a free application that helps you build new habits and maintain the ideal routine that you have always wanted. With a clean and intuitive design, Habitude will allow you to create and monitor your daily activities more easily and with pleasure. Try Habitude - Daily Habit Tracker & Routine Planner now.

1. Stay focused on daily tasks
Habitude goal planner helps you form new habits and monitor your new habits on habit planner. Customize the habit planner to follow new habits on specific days of the week. Moreover, use the habit journal to set the time for each day that the habit should be practiced. That way you can plan your habit for each day, at the time that you have available.

2. Offline mode and synchronization
Habitude Habit journal provides free data synchronization, your new habits will always be available to you from any device (iOS and Android). Whether you are connected to WiFi or going out without any connection, the habit maker will offer online and offline mode compatibility so you can follow your new habits consistently. in addition to being able to use the application in offline mode.

3. Make Task Reminder notes
Habitude allows you to create task reminder notes about any of your daily habits: how was your day, what motivated or discouraged you, what you achieved ... you can always view the notes for each habit, this makes monitoring the habit much more easy. Simply set task reminder notifications and get set to comply with your goal tracker performance.

4. Notifications and Alarms
Never miss your Habit maker activity! Reminders are essential to remember to perform an activity, Habitude goal tracker will always notify you when a habit should be practiced according to habit planner. In addition, Habitude allows you to establish a custom text for task reminder notifications for each habit. You will always be notified at the time you planned to practice a particular goal planner activity.

5. Audios to Keep you Motivated
Habitude habit maker has a variety of audios to activate when completing new habits. You can enable / disable the audio from the goal planner settings. Audios provide a rewarding sound after completing a task on habit journal to stay motivated!

6. Create New categories
Goal tracker categories are exceptional to define a better view of the areas and habits in which you are working: Productivity, Health, Emotional ... Habitude allows you to define a name and color for each category, this makes your habits become much more organized

7. Statistics
Habitude has a built-in goal tracker which helps you with useful statistics. Statistics are great for you to track your progress. Habitude offers individual statistics for each habit and also for its categories. Measuring your progress is great for being on the move and motivated to achieve your goals.

Features of Habitude Daily Habit Tracker & Routine Planner

Simple and easy habit maker app UI/UX
Appealing and clutter free habit journal app layout and smooth controls
Set a habit in any of the existing categories or create a new habit planner category
Set days to follow the new habits and log your progress in the goal tracker
Complete the goal planner tasks and get enjoy motivational music
View your habit journal progress in the goal tracker statistics
Set task reminder and add custom notes to receive with notifications

Are you ready to adopt and follow new habits with a simple habit journal app? If yes, the new habit maker app is the best for you. Download and use Habitude - Daily Habit Tracker & Routine Planner today!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Habitude - Daily Habit Tracker.


Developer: misufy

Recent changes: New features are always coming up here, update your application now to get the new features implemented, such as a new history graph for your habits, option to filter your habits by period (morning, afternoon and night) and also those that are practiced to anytime. In addition, we fixed some problems reported by you, enjoy and don't forget to leave your feedback so we can continue to evolve. :)

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