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Gymnastics is a sport that involves the performance of a movement that requires strength, speed and harmony of regular physical movement. The modern form of gymnastics is: Cross unbalanced, balance beam, gymnastics floor. These shapes supposedly evolved from the practice used by the ancient Greeks to climb up and down a horse and a circus show.

Gymnastics commonly used for recreation, relaxation or calm the mind, usually there are doing it at home, in the gym, in the gymnasium or at school.
Now, since childhood many children are accustomed to being taught gymnastics, either by parents, or by sports teachers at school.

Gymnastics is very important for the formation of body flexibility, which becomes an important meaning for human survival.

Gymnastics there are various kinds, including gymnastics floor, pregnancy gymnastics, aerobics gymnastics, scout gymnastics, Physical Fitness Exercise (SKJ), etc .. Usually in elementary school, teachers teach the exercises easily digested by students, such as SKJ and scout gymnastics. But when growing up, many people do aerobic exercise, or other exercises including meditation to calm down.

The benefits of exercise for health are definitely not new. As an aerobic exercise, exercise can increase good cholesterol levels so as to help lower the risk of heart disease. Other benefits? Starting from helping to lower blood pressure, increase bone density and health, to help regulate blood sugar levels.




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