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GW2hud for Guild Wars 2 play online

Free play online GW2hud for Guild Wars 2 APK

GW2hud for Guild Wars 2

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Play this online game named GW2hud for Guild Wars 2.

GW2hud displays live completion progress, WvW stats, and more on your Android device while you play Guild Wars 2. GW2hud displays the same beautiful Guild Wars 2 status screens created by ArenaNet for high-end gaming keyboards. It's completely free with no ads.

This app requires a plugin to be installed on the PC running Guild Wars 2. Visit from your computer to play online it.


1. How does it work?

Guild Wars 2, like many other MMORPGs, outputs live status displays for gaming keyboards. These displays are sent by the Guild Wars 2 application to a DLL provided by your keyboard manufacturer. The GW2hud plugin provides an alternative DLL that sends the status output to an Android device running the GW2hud app instead. The display images are transmitted directly from your computer to your Android device over your home network.

2. Will this get me banned?

No it will not. All the displays are provided by ArenaNet and presented as-is and no modifications are made to Guild Wars 2 at all. GW2hud is not affiliated with ArenaNet in any way though.

3. Is it really free?

GW2hud is completely free and does not contain ads. I saw a cool video of the beautiful keyboard displays Guild Wars 2 is capable of and decided to see if this was possible for my own use. It worked so well that I wanted to share it with everyone. However, if you like it please consider donating using the optional Donate button in the app. I have gems I need to buy!

4. What are the system requirements?

The GW2hud plugin works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8, both 32 & 64-bit systems.

The GW2hud Android app requires Android 2.3 Gingerbread or newer.

Your Android device needs to be connected to the same network (via WiFi) as the computer running Guild Wars 2. Your computer does not need to be on WiFi if it is connected to the same network as your Android.

5. Does your app sell my account to gold farmers? Does it invade my privacy?

No. GW2hud does not collect any usernames, passwords, email addresses nor any other personal information. It does not display any ads, nor install any toolbars or spyware. The Android app does contain Flurry Analytics for general usage stats, but has all location gathering turned off. Feel free to inspect our Android permissions on Google Play before you install. GW2hud only uses internet, wifi, & billing permissions (for the donate button).


Support some older android versions. Contact us feature.



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