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Play this online game named GPS Route Finder.

Want to find the shortest path to your desired destination, for example you are looking for quickest route to a nearby hospital, restaurant, ATM, KFC, McDonald's, Petrol Pump, Gas station, Police station or any school, Walmart and you want it to be done in one single click, then this route planner is for you. GPS Route Tracker will find the shortest distance to hospital, nearest police station, displacement to nearest metro station.

Tap on “ Nearby “ and then select any wanted nearby locations for your desired category. GPS Route Finder will hep you find your destination. GPS navigation helps exactly to save your precious time by finding the nearby popular places like restaurants, Walmart, KFC, ATM machine, nearest Bank, nearest bus station.

Find nearby colleges, universities, fire stations, near by Parks, nearby Gas stations, Shopping malls, nearby McDonald's, nearest pharmacy, nearest Starbucks. This Driving Route Finder have three types of maps to clearly show your destination and understand the route that is suitable for you during journey / destination with this shortest Route Finder. Giving you satellite maps of exact location whether you want walking directions, going in Bus, or flying direction, Best traveling routes finder.

GPS map Route planner helps you not to waste your time in long route. Just enter Start location and destination and get walking route and driving route. If there is any ways traffic in the route, this app will highlight that area with red line to show traffic stuck with the satellite locator. Most effective , efficient and time saving app on the market. Personal GPS Tracker is tracking your current location but not saving it anywhere.

Smart Features:
❃ GPS Route Finder finds Nearby, e.g ( ATM, School, Hotel, Hospital, Bus station ).
❃ GPS Route Finder finds shortest Driving or walking Route.
❃ GPS Route Finder finds fastest and easiest route to your destination.
❃ GPS Route Finder finds address of any area in map.
❃ GPS Route Finder finds walking route, Bus Route or Flying route.
❃ Supports different maps types :
--------- Normal maps , Satellite maps , Terrain maps --------
❃ This Beneficial GPS Route Finder is completely FREE to download.
❃ GPS Route tracker find the exaction distance between starting point and reaching point.
❃ Find nearest Driving Route
❃ Find nearest Walking Route

Note : This application never shares or even stores your location data.

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- Marshmallow support provided
- Few reported bugs fixed
- Location settings enhanced



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