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BitDegree is the world's first blockchain-powered, smart-incentive based online education platform which will revolutionize global education and tech recruiting. BitDegree shall directly align the incentives of students and anyone who wants them to become digitally smarter - like current or potential employers, digital service providers and sponsors.
BitDegree is an educational platform for everyone who is willing to study and get IT job

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Free Online Courses | BitDegree.


Developer: BitDegree Mobile

Genre: Tools

App version: 2.0

App size: 2.4M

Recent changes: BitDegree Courses v2 has been released


Won't let me login, UI is horrible and when I purchased a course on the website it did not ask me to set up a password. 2 strikes. I'll stick with Udemy

Installed it then login. After that I got an email that say someone login to my Google account on Samsung S6, even though I used Redmi Note 4. Yup, change my password and uninstall right after that. I suggest that you don't login if you're not sure either.

Frustrating app, cant make video full screen. There is a zoom option but it makes the video too big and cuts off the bottom or top. The playback speed toggle also does not work. video plays back at the normal speed regardless of speed selected.

Frustrating, the web and android app versions of the interactive courses don't render the text editor correctly on phones. You can never see what you are typing, so answering questions is impossible.

BitDegree should be still improved and in mobile version it is not that much flexible to watch the videos. Make improvements for screen appearance. Thank you'

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