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FloatingIsland IdleSwordGirl

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game FloatingIsland IdleSwordGirl.

- Beat mobs to acquire spirits and experience to strengthen basic abilities and special abilities
- The boss dungeon/skill dungeon opens when a certain level is reached, Buy a ticket from the store and clear stages.
- Please check carefully in town nexus building, and build it, and upgrade it
- Decorate your desired stats and appearance by avatar gacha.
- Gacha that equipments(weapons/rings/pendents) to upgrade/evolve and reassess the characteristic slots that open up the more you use them.
- Open the treasure chest obtained with a certain probability when clearing the stage.
- Please take care of repeat/daily quests
- Feed the pets that help you fight and strengthen their abilities
- Be sure to bring free diamonds from the Daily Shop and purchaseable Enhancement Stones/Dungeon Tickets
- Relic are dropped from specific areas or from specific bosses or skill dungeons.
- Increase HP recovery/MP recovery/experience increase/spirit acquisition with global buffs
- Register your ranking in the raid dungeon and get rewards
- Achieve workload in the special dungeon (Tree Island) and get rewards
- Use the power save mode to protect your phone battery

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Mail : [email protected]

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game FloatingIsland IdleSwordGirl.


Developer: ACABerryGames 아카베리게임즈

Recent changes: - minor bug fix

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