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Are you a person who likes to share the files of your personal computer with dissimilar people, without restriction of any kind; Or do you want to make it more practical, easy, reliable and quick to transfer your personal files from your PC to several mobile devices in the same time interval? Well, I present jlab.FileTransfer, a completely free application that allows among its dissimilar functionalities:

1- Access all the local files of your device.
2- A clean view of all the images, audio files, videos, documents and downloads of your device.
3- Create Files and Folders.
4- Edit, Rename, Delete, Copy and Move folders and files from or to your storage units (internal or external).
5- Perform searches by name of Files and Folders.
6- Play Audio with any local player, including the jlab.AudioPlayer player integrated with the application.
7- Play Video with any local player, including the jlab.VideoPlayer player integrated with the application.
8- Browse, View, Download any file without distinction of type or size, in addition to Play remote Audio and Video files served by the server jlab.FileTransferServer for Windows that can be downloaded for the languages ​​Spanish, English in the following link:! eRN1DaTR! _NKjsqlfohWY_nF7fMm19Q
9- Establish connection with multiple servers at the same time.

Just running the server on a machine connected to the same wireless network or more accessible from your mobile device and configure the IP or Host of the machine running that server, our jlab.FileTransfer application is responsible for listing the contents of the folder shared by the Server and to ensure a fast transfer of files without overloading your device.


Support in Hindi language.



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