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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Fares Abbad quality sound.

The educational application of the Noble Quran, audio and images, with the voice of Sheikh Fares Abbad, at your fingertips (al-Khatmah is written in full in the Ottoman script, according to the Holy Quran of Medina). The application works perfectly without connecting to the network after downloading and does not require downloading any other files or surahs because the Quran bears the full sound and image from the beginning.

The application gives you the opportunity to learn the correct recitation and the exits of the letters, and that is when you listen to the recitation while looking at the written verses of the surah that you are listening to in front of you at the same time on the same page on your mobile phone. It also teaches you how to make the call to prayer by listening to the voice of the call to prayer

Some features of the application:
- The sound of the call to prayer to teach the call to prayer, reverence and peace of mind, and the possibility of continuous repetition of the call to prayer automatically.
Night reading option.
- Listening to the Holy Quran.
- Listening and browsing the Qur'an (reading and listening to the recitation of the Qur'an) at the same time on the same page.
- Continuous repetition of any surah.
- Move to the next surah automatically.
- The ability to stop when the surah ends automatically.
- Listen to the recitation in the background.
- The recitation stops when a phone call is received, and then continues after that.
- Share the application via your favorite social media.

If you liked Fares Abbad, the Holy Quran, audio and images without the net, do not hesitate to rate it, and we hope that you will share your opinion with us by commenting on it and sharing it with your friends, so that the benefit spreads and spreads goodness.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Fares Abbad quality sound.



Recent changes: • Improvement of application performance in general.

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