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Fall Guard is a device that is plugged into the wall via electricity plug. Able to sense and detect falling events when elderly falls on the ground and send alerts to care homes, family members via a smartphone app in real-time without the need to wear any sensors/wearable devices on rest or belt with very high accuracy and no false alarm.

Fall Guard able to cover a wide range of the home up to 40-50 m2 per device, without the need to worry about installation, the device is plug-&-play, all that you need to do is to plug-in into the wall and the device will be ready to use.

Fall guard using the wifi and radio frequency waves to send the real-time alerts to nurse with the name of the event detected, room number and time with a very powerful push notifications on a smartphone (Vibration, Flashing lights, On-screen notifications).
Fall Guard able to detect the following events:

Fall Detection
Walking in the room
Help word in case elderly need a help
Shouting or any loud voice events


Once the fall detected the device sends a notification in real-time through smartphone App or other alarm devices to alert the care center, the nurse or family so they can help the elderly who fell as soon as possible.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Fall Guard.


Developer: Innovation Factory Limited

Genre: Health & Fitness

App version: 1.1

App size: 6.3M


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