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EuroSoft live from SYSTRONIK GmbH (member of the AFRISO-EURO-INDEX group) allows for easy and convenient visualisation of the live measured values of your CAPBs measuring instrument. The measured data is transmitted to your mobile device via Bluetooth Smart. The measured values are displayed in application programs and can be shared in reports. This app can read the live measured data of the following devices:

- CAPBs AQ20, AQ35, AQ36
- CAPBs AT10
- CAPBs CO30
- CAPBs FP10
- CAPBs GS10
- CAPBs PS10, PS20, PS22, PS33, PS35, PS40, PS41, PS42, PS60, PS61, PS62
- CAPBs PT70, PT85, PT86
- CAPBs RH80
- CAPBs TK10, TK11, TK20, TK30, TK35, TK40, TK50
- CAPBs WQ10
- FlowTemp ST, FlowTemp STx

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game EuroSoft live.


Developer: SYSTRONIK GmbH

Recent changes: Highlights:
- New applet temperature profile for FlowTemp ST/STx
- New applet contact data (pre edit service company and customer data)

- PDF report file name adjusted: e.g. 20220601_120000_Report.pdf
- PDF report contains filename in document footer
- Improved behavior if FlowTemp ST/STx tilt angle sensor hits
- Internal library update and improvements

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